Safe & Secure Grounds

Our facility boasts a secure environment with 12-foot fences enclosing the grounds to guarantee the safety of all the dogs in our care. Additionally, we have also implemented a triple-gate entry system, reinforcing our commitment to prioritising the well-being of our furry friends by preventing any potential escapes.

Your dogs are in good hands at our daycare, where their safety and security are paramount.

Highly Experienced

Located within the Kilwinning Sports Club ground, our doggy daycare Team has a wealth of experience and knowledge and they are passionate about the happiness and well-being of every one of our dogs. so you can feel assured your dog is always in the best of hands.

Friendly & Wellbeing Focused

At Lola's Doggy Daycare, we organise meet-and-greet sessions designed to prioritise each dog's well-being. This ensures their happiness and promotes a positive social environment, allowing each furry guest to adapt and socialise harmoniously as a pack.

Lola's Doggy Daycare

We offer a delightful and secure space for your furry companions to play, socialise, and enjoy their time in a caring environment. Based in Kilwinning, we care for a whole host of perfect pooches from homes across the local area

Our Second Doggy Daycare

Heather Dugdale, our dedicated dog trainer, brings a wealth of expertise and experience, and her club Heathers Happy Hounds is Kennel Club Listed. She also offers 121 training and Canine Modification consultations for dogs who have displayed a fearful or aggressive behaviour

In addition to Heather's classes, we also have a second doggy daycare program with a range of canine-centric activities. Enclosed by a 6-foot fence, this secure environment is ideal for hosting dog breed meet-ups, where dog owners can gather, socialise and share their love for specific breeds. Pet owners can even celebrate their furry friends' milestones with joyous doggy birthday parties, creating cherished memories in a safe and enjoyable setting.

Importantly, this space is also designed to cater to dogs with challenging behaviours that may feel uncomfortable in large group settings. Our dedicated staff strive to ensure your dog is given personal attention in a secure environment, working with your dogs so that they gradually adapt and thrive. So whether it's structured training with Heather Happy Hounds, delightful social events, or tailored sessions for dogs with specific needs, our doggy daycare is a hub for promoting the well-being, happiness, and positive socialisation for your canine companion.

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Finalist Nomination for The Local Pet Awards Scotland!

A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate Lolas Doggy Daycare. Just getting the recognition has touched our hearts and we are truly grateful.

To get through to the finals, I have no words other than Lola is shining over us at Lolas Doggy Daycare for us to get this far.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and our amazing community for your nominations however we need your help one more time and that would be to vote for us when the link goes live in March.

From all of the team at Lolas Doggy Daycare, we thank you once again!

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